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University Women’s Meeting (Art and Weather Presentation) Thursday Jan 10

February 12 from 2pm - “Tom Thomson was a Weatherman!” MSC Headquarters, Downsview… please email me if you plan to attend.

Cottage Dreams Art of the Cottage art auction that will take place at Parkview BMW in Toronto on February 21, 2008. Art of the Cottage is sponsored by the Cottage Dreams Cancer Recovery Initiative. I have donated art in memory of my Parents.

February 22 from 6-8pm - Gallery Streetsville, Mississauga – Open Gallery. I will be in attendance. Gallery Streetsville has used ‘The Red Maple’ for their ad in the Mississauga Tourism Map.

Thursday May 15th from 6:30pm - “The Birds and the Bees - Land Stewardship”, in the Caledon Community Centre. See or click the following link for details. (Event Information) I am helping by doing a presentation … maybe I will call it “Home, Home on Moraine…”

Plein Air Spring ... Phil is painting, canoeing and camping for almost six weeks. It worked for Tom Thomson … maybe it will work for Phil the Forecaster. Life is good! See Wet Paint in the Studio for the up to date results. I am doing some portraits as well.

Environmental Activities ... Phil hopes to help with the “Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve”. There are many species at risk that need help. My favourites are the black rat snake and the butternut tree - both endangered. The black flies emerged in force on May 3rd and are not endangered and have punished me brutally!! I will be doing some presentations in support of the FABR as well this summer and fall.

Daytime” in York Region (Cable 10) is at the Georgina Arts Centre and Gallery , Sutton on July 3rd or 4th.. Apparently my art will be featured.

August - Georgina Arts Centre and Gallery , Sutton – “Plein Air Painters” Show - August 16 to October 5, 2008 -

September 26 - McMichael Volunteers Presentation "Tom Thomson Was A Weatherman!"

Thursday October 9th - Probus Club of Muskoka North.

Tom Thomson Was A Weatherman! - each presentation is different...
Tuesday April 14th SOYRA
The Marjorie Porter Dinner, Thursday, April 16th, Lindsay Art Gallery

"Weather of Ontario" - The book, published by Lone Pine is available in stores across Ontario if not across Canada. You can even find it in Canadian Tire! There is talk about doing an "Art and Weather" book based on my Tom Thomson presentations. It would be fun!

Ontario Provincial Parks Conference, Orillia May 31st, 2010 - presentation of "Tom Thomson Was A Weatherman!" 7:30 pm

CMOS Congress Ottawa Thursday June 3rd "Weather - Everywhere and Everday". My presentation has strayed a bit from the title - oops..

June 19th Algonquin Art Centre- Gala Reception for the 2010 Summer Season and the G8 Conference - Hwy 60 - 20 km east of the West Gate. The Algonquin Art Centre is open to the public starting on June 1st. I hope that you enjoy my new work.

Southampton Art School "Wind Waves and Weather" July 14,15 and 16, 2010 Check out what my good friends at "Arts in Canada" have done..

AFAC Spring 2009 Art Show and Conference 14-19th March, 2009 at Metro Hall, Toronto
University of Toronto Lectures Wednesday March 18 Oakville & Friday March 20 Toronto

Studio Tour King, Open Studio Saturday and Sunday April 25th and 26th at Watershed Farm. Lots of new art to choose from! Click for the Details.

Algonquin Park 2009 - Plein Air Show - June 19th Opening - I will be there and am featured in the brochure ...

Tom Thomson Was A Weatherman! in Algonquin Park - Monday July 6th at 35.5 Kilometre Amplitheatre. See the Alognquin Park Website for more details.

Tom Thomson Was A Weatherman! - each presentation is different...
Thursday July 9th - Arts Society King

June 27 to July 24
“ Discover the Creative You” Workshops - Phil Chadwick - Plein Air at Cold Creek on July 8th from 10 to 4 p.m.

Southampton 2009 - "Wind, Waves and Weather" - three morning sessions (9-12) on Monday through Wednesday July 13, 14 and 15.

Awenda Provincial Park, Awenda Provincial Park is located on Georgian Bay, 20 minutes northwest of Penetanguishene, Ontario. The Friends of Awenda sponsor an annual art and the environment event and I am participating on Saturday and Sunday September 17 and 18th, 2011- presentations of "Tom Thomson Was A Weatherman!"