The future with Phil the Forecaster Chadwick...

“Chadwick Art House"- Singleton Lake in eastern Ontario about 40 km northeast of Kingston is our final home. The property is a forest and nature preserve providing habitat for lots of endangered species including artists. Phil continues to paint up a storm surrounded by unlimited inspiration. Phil paints in the studio only on those days when the weather is exceptionally nasty - which would be the best day to be doing meteorology. The weather business was the most fun when you could help the most and make the biggest different in the forecast. Life is good!

Artistically, Phil the Forecaster plans to continue painting the many moods near Singleton Lake. The south of France may be nice but the lake is Phil's equivalent to Monet's garden. Phil will also be teaching at his place - on Singleton Lake. The Chadwick Art House is surrounded by wilderness in the heart of the Frontenac Arch Biosphere (FAB) Preserve. Phil's plan is to guide participants to special landmarks which includes his front yard. If you follow Phil's Blog you will get some idea of the natural beauty of the FAB. The timing of classes will depend on the wishes of the participants. All classes are en plein air with Phil the Forecaster. The weather is guarranteed to be perfect.

Future Projects

The Art Classes and presentations have wrapped up for 2017. Let's see what 2018 brings along...

Past Projects

1965-2015 Canada Celebrates 50 Years of Our Flag - Phil completed two 4x6 foot canvases to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Our Canadian Flag. For more details follow Brockville - The Birthplace of the Canadian Flag. Bob Harper and I have written a book to accompany the paintings and the flag celebrations - "The Brockville Connection to Canada's Flag".

Aquatarium, Brockville - I did a lot of material and video work in support of the Aquatarium. You will see these videos as part of a continuous loop at the Aquatarium.

Frontenac Arch Biosphere Reserve - FABR. I continue to be active in the Arch. The Chadwick Art House is a proud supporter of Arts in the Arch. Please visit the website and let me know what you think of my work. FAB has used some of my art prominently on their website.

Tom Thomson Was A Weatherman! These presentations continue. Every version is different depending on which of Tom`s 500 or so paintings I decide to feature. There are a few of Tom`s works that I need to talk about every time though! Check my Blog for times and locations. The on-line book " The Art and Science of Tom Thomson" is complete at I periodically add new diagnoses of Tom's paintings when I find the time.

Weather, Climate and Severe Convection One never really retires from meteorology. I continue to give presentations on a number of weather related topics including climate change. The weather and climate around Singleton Lake is exceptional and I can prove it! Once again, check my Blog for times and locations.

Chadwick Courses I have been approached to resume my creative courses. If you are interested in painting in the Singleton Lake area surrounded by inspiration, drop me an email at and we can see what works. If your group wants me to come to teach in your area, once again, give me an email and options will be discussed.

Blog: Check out my Blog at I keep my Blog current to the last brush stroke...

Plus ... Phil the Forecaster has retired from full-time meteorology... part-time, Phil continues with his research. Some things are just too important to let then go... I have a series of ongoing, on-line "Magazines" that can be found for free at

"The Passion of Phil the Forecaster" – 120 pages full of my art was published via Blurb on Monday September 24th, 2012. A second Edition is coming in 2020 or so...

Weather of Ontario" - The book, published by Lone Pine is available in stores across Ontario if not across Canada. You can even find it in Canadian Tire! There is talk about doing an "Art and Weather" book based on my Tom Thomson presentations. It would be fun!

Northern Light" - My Friend Roy MacGregor has published "Northern Light: The Enduring Mystery of Tom Thomson and the Woman Who Loved Him", Random House. It is the definitive Tom Thomson - Winnie Trainor text. Roy and I agree that there is not as much mystery as one might think - we are in complete agreement. Roy dug up the facts and by eliminating the half truths and lies - only the truth remains. It is a wonderful piece of Canadiana and an important part of our art and cultural history. Roy used some of my contributions. I am proud to be even a small part of this effort. Well done Roy!