The price is based purely on the size. Years ago I tried to price by what I thought was quality and/or detail but that just confused everyone. The prices are the same everywhere and have been slowly going up. I have been painting for more than 50 years and my goal has always been to get better and to try to make the next work my new favourite. I try.

For commissions, the fee is half up front and non-refundable. You are not obligated to buy it if you are not completely thrilled. So far, most people have been thrilled but there is always a first time. The bonus for me as far as commissions go, is that the people also tend to become collectors... Depending on the subject matter, I would likely do some on location sketching and maybe just do it all en plein air. If it is more complicated, then I might have to do some photography although I prefer to work from life.

Applicable taxes are added to the price. I declare all income and and pay taxes like everyone else - almost an honour to do so as an artist :>)) For current details on these tax included prices by size, email me at provides many more products of more than half of my artworks... and I publish new art most days.