Phil started keeping bees in 1994. Honey bees were having a difficult time with the European mites and other diseases. So keeping bees was a short step from building bird houses. Phil really didn't know what he was doing. The library books helped but the expertise of a couple of close friends who were also full-time bee keepers, really got him on the right path.

The secret in making great honey is not to mess up what the bees create so well in the first place! He does not pretend to compete with the multinational company with a similar name. William doesn't need to worry about the 1000 pounds of honey that his bees produce.

Honey is the perfect food and the only one that will never spoil. Phil has retired from bee keeping... the bears and the bees do not play well together.

A reference to Kevin Costner and "Dances with Wolves"

Philly Bee bringing in the crop. One of my employees inspecting my artist palette in the spring. She was attacted by the colour and looking for the first crop of flowers. A nice frame of wild flower honey. I do notuse heat to decap the cells. Heat harms the flavour of honey. I use a deacapping fork. Philly Bee and Jazzmin the Wonder DogPhilly Bee and the 1969 35 HP Massey Ferguson.