An avid canoeist, Phil believes that a fully equipped  paradise needs only a quiet back lake, a canoe, art supplies and  a fishing rod.  Born in the Thousand Island Region of  Ontario, Phil has traveled the width and breadth of  Canada.  He and  his family continue to find little pieces of paradise everywhere in  Canada!

Trained as a nuclear physicist, Phil found a career in meteorology with Environment Canada in 1976. Phil specializes in severe weather conditions and has been the meteorologist behind the "scenes" in some very major weather stories. C

Phil's artworks are depictions of personal experiences.  They hang in many private and corporate collections  around the globe.  Several magazines and  calendars have used his work.  All of Phil's work is included in the gallery right from the first day with Mario to the present.  Trends in style, subject matter and technique are all reflected and nothing is left out.

A passion for creation" sums it all up!   Try to help make things just a bit better than you found them ... plus you gotta have fun... and remember, you gotta laugh!